Values, Care and Achievement lived into being to establish educational excellence through collaborative partnerships.
Pathfinder Mission Statement

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The development of such a wide range of opportunities has only been possible because of the collective efforts of the Local Authority, School Leaders and individual classroom practitioners.  As a community of schools there has been a real commitment to working with the Teaching School to ensure that all children in all our schools have the very best opportunities to fulfil their individual potential.

As part of an extensive consultation process it has become clear that there is a shared vision for the future of CPD in York and a willingness to help steer the strategic direction.  This has evolved into a programme that:

  • Strives to best fit the needs of all partners.
  • Represents true school-led, peer-to-peer CPD provision.
  • Focuses upon developing standards within both primary and secondary provision.
  • Encompasses a broad, yet relevant, spectrum of CPD opportunities enabling access to training for all colleagues regardless of career stage.
  • Builds capacity and expertise within the city.
  • Seeks to be innovative and “cutting edge”, providing a national, regional and local perspective.

Above all this York Partnership is designed to be:

School Led                    High Impact                    Cost Effective                    Sustainable 

The Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance is passionate and determined to ensure that our CPD programmes will deliver these key aims and will continue to work in partnership to build strong relationships with colleagues, to listen to feedback and to strive to further develop the quality of what is provided.