Supporting Dyslexia in the Classroom

Target audience: Teachers/TAs and other staff

Leader: Kathrin Treacy BA MA PGCE (specialism in Dyslexia) - Freelance Dyslexia Trainer & Tutor

Supporting Dyslexia in the Classroom

An theoretical introduction to the experience of having dyslexia in school followed by a focus on difficulties experienced by dyslexic children in the classroom and their strengths. The trainer is dyslexic and dyspraxic so she intersperses theory with personal educational experiences. Most importantly, the training session provides many practical, quick, dyslexia friendly teaching strategies and resources to support dyslexia in the classroom.

Meares Irlen Awareness

Understanding the visual stress condition and the impact on reading.

Provides simple classroom solutions for children who struggle with visual disturbances when they read, write or use technology (including interactive whiteboards). This condition co-occurs with dyslexia, but can be present without other dyslexic tendencies.


Feedback from schools

“We all found the training both useful and interesting. First-hand knowledge, as well as the links to the classroom. Being able to explore some resources also gave us an insight into dyslexia and supporting children. It was evident that the staff were interested and making links to our children. This will make the children feel more confident about tackling things in class”.


Cost: £30

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